The winter season forces many Toledo, drivers to change up how they drive and how they equip their favorite vehicles. If you live in an area with plenty of snow and ice, you are probably familiar with the need to have a vehicle that can more easily handle harsh road conditions. If you are looking for a new car, SUV, or truck, consider getting one that is 4X4 like a new Honda Ridgeline, or a selection from our used truck inventory. But, what does that even mean?

What is 4X4?

Whether you are a new Maumee driver or a veteran that wants a refresher, it's always a good idea to catch up on auto terms. 4X4, also known as four-wheel drive, is a system that delivers torque to both axles that underpin the vehicle in question. When you spy a vehicle that offers 4X4 or four-wheel drive, you can infer that said vehicle can deliver torque to every wheel either constantly or by the driver's will.

It's also important to note that 4X4 and four-wheel drive can be used by brands simply to describe a vehicle's off-road abilities.

How Can it Help During the Winter?

So, how can this help you during the winter months around Bowling Green? A 4X4 vehicle, as mentioned above, delivers torque to every axle and wheel. This means that you will find more traction and power to stay on course when it comes to snow, ice, mud, and other slippery surfaces. If you get partially stuck in a ditch, for instance, you will have an easier time getting your vehicle out of it.

Find a 4X4 Vehicle in Our Inventory

If owning a vehicle that brings 4X4 with it sounds like what you want, then browse our vehicles at Brown Honda near Monroe. We have the vehicles you want to browse. Do you have questions? Reach out to us today?