You hear it all the time – be sure sure to keep up with oil and filter changes to keep your car happy. But you may not know exactly why oil changes are such a critical part of the vehicle maintenance process. Even on vehicles with the reliability and pedigree of Honda require regular oil changes to continue running as well as they should, and the service center at Brown Honda in Toledo is here to explain the importance of this common service item.

Understanding Your Combustion Engine

On the surface, the way a combustion engine works is fairly simple. Air enters through the front end and enters a cylinder, where it meets with fuel, and a spark plug ignites the combination to provide thrust and get the wheels turning. In truth though, that process involved lots of small metal parts moving back and forth at incredible speeds, creating additional heat from friction to go along with the heat from thousands of tiny explosions per second. This is where engine oil comes in – by lubricating these fast-moving parts to help dissipate heat, reduce friction, and prevent those parts from contacting each other and physically wearing out.

Why You Need to Change Your Oil

Understanding the role of oil is one thing, understanding why it needs to be replaced is another. Over time, the heat and friction inside your engine will break down even the best engine oil. When this happens, the oil becomes too thin to properly coat your critical engine components, leading to excess heat and wear that can end the life of even a brand-new engine. Your oil filter also loses its ability to keep contaminants out of your oil system, leading to a build up of sludge and dirt. Together these will spell death to any engine, and it’s why regular oil changes are so critical.

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