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How Does Apple CarPlay Improve the Safety of Your Drive?

Apple CarPlay is a handy feature that makes motoring around Toledo, OH in your 2023 Honda Passport that much more exciting. It puts control over your favorite smartphone apps and features at your fingertips and at the command of your voice, so it's easy to see why this feature is so sought after. Apple CarPlay clearly excels at making your drive more entertaining and connected, but did you know that it also helps to make your drive safer? Take a closer look at how Apple CarPlay can help you stay focused on driving.

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Expand Connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are highly sought-after features that make staying connected on the go easier than ever. These features offer seamless smartphone integration allowing you to connect your compatible Apple or Android smartphone to your car and enjoy hands-free control over your favorite apps and features while you drive around Toledo, OH. So, what exactly can these smartphone integration features do? How do you set them up? Check out our quick walkthrough to see how easy it is to take full advantage of the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features in your Honda vehicle.

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Can You Rely on a Honda?

The old saying is that a dog is a man’s best friend. They’re loyal and thoughtful and seem to always be there when you need them. And while a Honda can’t compare to your furry, four-legged family member, one thing is for sure. A Honda will always be there when you need it—and why? Well, you’ll have to read along to find that out.


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