2015 Honda Fit Walk Around

Although it's actually slightly smaller than the previous model, the 2015 Fit looks more substantial, due in part to its slightly longer wheelbase and in larger part to a higher beltline. That beltline is accentuated by a strong crease rising from the front wheel wells to the top of the rear fender, and a hint of fender flare suggests a little more muscularity, particularly with the 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels that go with the EX and EX-L trim levels. A small spoiler set above the rear hatch lends a sporty touch.

The front end doesn't look vastly different, although it's been completely resculpted, with headlamp lenses stretched horizontally and covering halogen lights. And the longer wheelbase and diminished overall length conspire to reduce front overhang, and that, plus the sleek, wedgy profile, also contributes to a sporty persona.


The 2015 Honda Fit benefits from upgraded materials, soft touch surfaces, and enhanced telematics. Controls and instruments are typical of Honda, attractive, simple, and intuitive. No need to dig out the owner's manual to figure out how to change radio stations.

The biggest news inside for 2015 is the adult-size second-row seating, big-adult size seating. Here's a five-passenger subcompact that's actually capable of accommodating five passengers and is very comfortable for four. Honda achieved this in part by a redesign of the fuel tank, which rides amidships, beneath the floor. The new tank looks like a misshapen potato, but helped the design team gain space.

The designers also reapportioned interior volume, paring a little from the rear cargo area, which shrinks by 4.0 cubic feet to 16.6, and devoting it to the second row passengers. If that sounds a bit severe in terms of diminished capacity, note that 16.6 cubic feet is bigger than a good many mid-size sedan trunks, and that the Fit's passenger volume and total cargo volume are best in class. Exploiting that 53 cubic feet of total cargo volume is easily achieved by pulling one lever, whereupon the rear seatbacks fold down to create a flat load floor, replete with cargo tie-downs in higher trim levels.

Although we continue to prefer sedans in this country, hatchbacks are far more versatile, and in this class the Fit is the versatility champ.

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